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(647) 984-2284 (Mon-Sat: 9AM - 7PM) [email protected] Serving the Greater Toronto Area

Pre-Listing Inspection Toronto

Get the right information before listing your new home or property.

Home Inspections in Toronto (GTA)

The First Choice Inspection Service Pre-listing inspection is a top to bottom inspection performed on your house or property prior to the sale.  This pre-sale inspection should be an essential part of any sale protocol.  This inspection will make you and your realtor aware of the overall condition of your property and its components and prevent any unknown surprises.  Having this inspection done will allow you to make crucial repairs and address any issues prior to listing your property.  The advantage of having First Choice Inspection Service providing a pre-listing inspection is that you will avoid any delays in the sale of your property by addressing issues before any potential buyer comes across a problem minor or major that may dissuade and disinterest them in purchasing your property. This pre-listing inspection will also help the real estate agent in setting a price for your house and making suggestions of what needs to be done to your property for a timely sale.

First Choice Inspection Service is an internationally and nationally accredited and certified inspection service.  Professional techniques and equipment are employed to complete all of our services.  Equipment that would be used during home and property inspections would include thermal imaging devices, moisture meters, boroscopes,  AFCI and GFCI testers as well as conventional tools used by tradesmen.

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You can expect a First Choice Inspection Service pre-listing inspection for a semi detached or fully detached home or property to take a couple of hours and a condominium unit to take less time.  From the inspection you will receive a detailed list of the different areas of your home and components along with notation of their condition.  You will also receive digital files with photographs of all areas of the inspected property as well as photo files of thermal images taken.  The size and age of your property may affect the pricing for service.  Please call for details.


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